Reality is where thought is focused?

However boundless it appears, the thoughts and imaginations are just embedded within the infinity of space! It comes, it takes time to come, or maybe it never comes in my case in this life frame. There is always a twinkling star in the infinity of the darkness, but here the infinity is the light – the unbounded, the eternal, the me, and the you! The space is not the darkness, the space is the light! But, again, thought comes! Thought comes like the iceberg metaphor – a small visible part running our entire life where as a large part somewhere hidden. Somewhere unrecognized. Or like water hyacinth. Or like the clouds. I really don’t know, I don’t want even to pretend that I know – because for sure I don’t know as the unknowable are just experienced. It happens within the realm of experience! And it just has never happened. Spirituality is overrated – not because it is overrated, but it is misunderstood! The life brings me back, so called reality brings me back, thoughts bring me back from that vast silence (yet thought is the very same existence in that duality which let mind realize its spaciousness – the thoughtlessness), desire brings me back, bills bring me back, family brings me back, work brings me back, school brings me back. And suddenly I remember Karma Yoga – and indeed, to be true to yourself is a big challenge.
Situations have changed. Happenings or objects we call things have changed. Actually many things have changed – somewhere in so called realities, it is simplified; and somewhere in so called realities, it is just complicated. Pushing me to sit back – to sit back, to be the iceberg under the water, or to be the water hiding under the water hyacinth, or to be the reality beyond the dream – everything feels like on me! And a force of thoughts knock me off – knock me off from that sit, but with smile. A smile that comes as a conclusion: “Life is attitude!”
There are tools – there are therapy techniques! One of my friend recommended: “You will see it when you believe it!” There are collection of books on my own list. There is everything – but it just does not come. Of course, patience is what needed - something comes with time maybe. In spite of reading, in spite of humming prayers, in spite of singing hymns, or whatever. Probably, this is just a happenstance. No worries.
Somehow, I started to believe that reality is where thought focuses on! The reality that I understand from where I am living. The attitude that I call life which I previously mentioned. The freedom achievable within the context of the so called reality mentioned already – the reality created by family, the reality created by school, the reality created by work, the reality created by bills, the reality created by rules and government, and the reality created by social construct – is the freedom to be achieved by the focus of the thoughts. I remember the ABC principle i.e. the Actual event, Belief system, and Consequences (acronym) which just means that consequences is not the direct outcome of actual event – which was taught by Bikasanand (spelling mistake probably in his name) years ago. It comes again, it comes again. It comes here. Because, deep down, I know that is not the freedom. That is never a true freedom – that is why it comes again and again. In the liberation of the self, it is never enough – that is why it comes again and again with smile. It comes with the pleasant thoughts passing by.

And finally, serenity is not equal to smile. But, life is about taking it one moment a time. And letting it unfold itself. Having our awareness focused on good things – probably, is what is for me. 

Am I ready yet?

“If you want to be happy; then be” is something I have heard somewhere – somewhere in the world of internet! Of course, I don’t know if a person can maintain that state of being; but being me with someone special in such close relationship, I just feel that happiness is about seeing. It is a paradigm shift; it is about seeing things in a different way. Let me dare to say it: “It is about seeing things in happy way” J I have always used to be alone! I never told what I am passing through even to my family members, and to my even close friends. My way was keeping things within me, and cherishing if they are of such importance, or throwing them in oblivious corner of my mind in sooner-the-better fashion. My source of happiness were small things: flying birds in open sky, mist mingling with bare trees like a newly discovered match is expressing their passionate desire to each other, my own shadows cast before me from the sparse sunlight passing through dense forest behind me, eye of a kid staring curiously through train window, amazing shapes of cloud continuously shifting its form due to the gentle movement of wind carrying here and there, spring melody of a chirping black bird, and sometime just watching falling leaves across my window painting a person walking on distance by using blocking-sight-by-opacity as a paint brush when the gentle breeze maneuver it moving around against the downwards pull of the gravity. In different way, I used to be happy! Sometime just being doing nothing brought as much happiness as something grand and important is accomplished.

Changes take time, or we perceive time because everything is changing that comes to our perception. Of course, there are moments of utter dullness sometime – in my life, in your life, or in everyone’s life. And I understand the moment when time stops in flow state as mentioned by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi! But, these moments of utter dullness usually happens when there is no sense of change! And time does not look short because it stops; rather it appears to be toooooooooooooo long. Then there are some moments- particularly for sensitive people- that changes take place in rapid succession or it touches too many important things at once that we fall into the chasm of overwhelming changes just to realize how difficult we find to realize ourselves. Actually, that was the same situation I had been: from being-alone-way to being-with-someone.
As mentioned before, some moments were hard to believe and some moments were bringing overwhelmingly a lot of changes in very short span of time we are used to usually perceive – and some moments were MOMENTARILY sad that the self itself trapped into that oblivious chasm! And I said it ‘MOMENTARILY’ with emphasis that it is fortunately short life-spanned in the stretch of time in addition to having its own grand importance to make us realizing the state of being as a matter of fact behind our happiness! Yet better to call it again, it is as important to realize the paradigm shift when understanding the happiness. Changes take time, and it really brings those paradigm-shifting moments even as fluke every now and then. And with that new perspective of seeing things, happiness again is found in truly being you! Nobody stops you from staring the sky to scan for the shapes of clouds or trace the movements of freely flying bird unbound of the human-construct boarders and boundaries. Nobody stops you to see the shadow of the self in summer, or the falling leaves in autumn, or the snowflakes painting a tree in detail before vision by brushing even the smallest branchlet it touches in winter, or the blackbird chirping in the spring.

Changes take place – changes take place to see things differently. And happiness is where one needs to be settled or where all those changes are leading us too! Of course, there are cases of severity – indeed they are truly situations where great souls are demonstrated to rest of us living a life of mediocrity (I don’t have right to label other’s life as mediocrity, but it is just my way here to exalt those few who had raised beyond us – or raised to full potential we can achieve as human being). Being alone or being deeply connected with someone, happiness is our ultimate state – state where we see things in more appreciative style. Probably, love is the greatest motivation if there is any such force which drives us to that ultimate point – and the whole world - with the shades of black and white and with the story of joy and agony – is the finely orchestrated garden where achieving such human potential is absolutely possible.

Watching the distance communication tower through my window; like it connects many people each other, I am just wondering when I can truly actualize myself by connecting the sense of this message with who I am as an archetype of human being! In pursuit of my happiness or in my attempt to maintain that state of happiness, being with someone has definitely enamored me with lots of opportunity to see from happiness-perspective; but still I feel that I need that connection to actualize the highest potential a human can achieve! And the wonder transforms into a question: “Am I ready yet?”